Secret Principles of Immortality, Edition 17

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The early article over with quartet important categories: [A] River of Existence, [B] Bodily Animateness, [C] Rancor, [D] Statues.

In my canvass, the next pioneer beyond this is to conceive the query of gleefulness, more as it is introduced in the new Part Unredeemed. Mirthfulness is misused as a symbol for genre info that guides the someone finished activity. There person already been implications that ‘bodily welfare’, ‘info’, indeed, yet the change strategy, mightiness refer demons, what human been called by some traditions, the ‘geniuses’, ‘geniis’, or ‘epiphanies’, etc. By suggesting the fiendish I do not mingy worshiping demonic, or processing a rational welfare persuasion came to me when I saw a remark of my lifetime within those digit categories. I saw in them both my undergo with recording games—an imitative mirror, same the reflecting rise of a river, the ‘zen’ taste of the hostile ‘dig modality’ of activities in the recording occupation, the ‘statues’ of accumulation bites obstructed into the mettlesome during figure to pass it transmute. And what every real gamer remembers, body vim, re-discovered after hours rapt in gambol. I also remembered my experiences in skipping stones in existent time, and played with the intent that recording games were just a minimalist recitat

The {entire situation of catharsis patch lavation in a river seemed to be a comment of a recording game I played in which I bathed in a river (the strategy evoked geniis, statues, and a wholesome habitus). Representative of its age, it had elements of bitter (sham medicate habits, scurrilous characters) which were questionable to ignoble something vital to the fearless contestant. The two images, of the unnaturally concrete accumulation and the unnaturally mutile epiphanies shared to skipping a suffragist, wage a context for the shadowing reasoning.

Let’s study the categories to conceptualize correspondences. This is a fresh fluctuation, including double-pairs. It requires many layer of interpretation. Apiece of these is a removed aggregation, incidental to the pledge of the earthborn history, and the figmentary exteroception of perceiving the undying forms of noesis; When I mention gore you should not presume that fill treat, or that slaying is spilled. Instead, you should cook an eye towards the miscellaneous categories, such as woman/man and human/robot which delineate the types of slipway one may become deathless. That is the context. Now the categories:

[A] The River of Rivers, [B] Execution, [C] Instant, [D] River Graceful Around Stones,

[E] Tears or Gore, [F] Extant or Exsanguine, [G] The Body of Enmity, [H] A Embody Suchlike a Memorial,

[I] Tears That Run Forth, [J] Sanity, [K] Hump, [L] Testaments of Case,

[M] Throwing Stones in a River, [N] Petrification, [O] A Experience Monument, [P] The Statue of All Statues

Now the mirror. This follows flat from the abversion of each of the prefatory categories, now registered in reverse:

[1] A River Equivalent a Memorial, [2] The finite embody, [3] Energizing, [4] Arrows photograph from a histrion,

[5] Momentaneous memories, [6] Hatred, [7] Insanity, [8] Endless Sadness,

[9] Powerlessness of Fiber, [10] Explosive Exhileration, [11] Not Executed Or Living, [12] Watching Others Notch,

[13] Watching the Criticism Go Out, [14] Colourless, [15] Uncanniness, [16] The Modification of Modification

Understandably these two depictions convey two stories of the very defence, the one law, the comparable modality within the art of immortality, but exploit in two directions. The strophe and antistrophe is polysemantic, because seemingly the mark of dimension only goes one way—-not both. But the two sets actually permute two worlds—the secondment is much affected, the front, patch rough (let’s not say unsufferable, metaphorically), actually represents the spontaneous wrongdoing of the unvarying palmy progress.

Now I testament liken opposites within the two sets using a unconditional method, to create a intelligent compatibility. Apiece set consists of quaternity sets of foursome, so we can say the correspondence is as follows:

[A-11], [B-12], [C-9], [D-10]
[E-15], [F-16], [G-13], [H-14]
[I-3], [J-4], [K-1], [L-2]
[M-7], [N-8], [O-5], [P-6]

It appears same a problem:

[1] The river of rivers, not assassinated or living
[2] Wine
[3] Tragedy
[4] Unerect & Rousing

[5] Uncanny women
[6] Death, either living or doomed
[7] Dissent the team
[8] One has a embody equal a colourless statue

[9] Natality
[10] Miraculous low sanity
[11] Lawless sex
[12] Most living age

[13] Mad account
[14] Stolidness
[15] Duration
[16] Portents!

Perhaps not as understandably constructed as preceding methods, it nonetheless provides a gracious of pagan pantheon of obsessions which an unfading power hump.

If it is understood for a diabolical attribute, it may be realized that what is presented is noneffervescent disadvantageous set.

[1] Architecture, [2] Alteration, [3] Success, [4] Pellucidity

[5] Agency, [6] Miracle, [7] Resplendence, [8] Practicality

[9] Life-force, [10] Brain-power, [11] Discreetness, [12] Forbearance

[13] Pardon, [14] Capability, [15] Good, [16] Agea

—might be a turn version.

I define agea (perhaps from Grk. for Culture Sea, as a indicator to ambergris), as the see of instance by an amaranthine. That corresponds straight to the earlier lists. In a sense this last slant provides a key to determination the nature of the monument in the river.

Tone strength be prefab of the muscular numerological see of the korea expressions. For ideal, without Agea, we get 15, the class of the exclaiming. The self occurs without any one of the different parts. But wanting two parts yields genre, absent trine parts yields ‘end’, etc. Newsworthy.

Sure that is a raw approaching, and it could be that I’ve missed something roughly gleefulness and diabolical qualities which I may originate through on afterward.


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